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I attended the PHP UK conference 2010 on Friday. Unfortunately the event took place in one day, so there were three talks at each time slot in different rooms. I had to choice the most promising each time. It was a pity to have some very interesting ones at the same time (like AntiPHPatterns and RDBMS, or DB optimisation and the PHP 5.3). Fortunately, I’ve already found almost all the slides and notes online.
I choose the excellent PHP-strictly-related talks of S.Priebsch, F.Potencier and J.Schlüter as well as the good Seguy’s talk about security (and the quite unsatisfying Hudson’s talk).
Some interesting comments on joindin.

The lost art of simplicity – Josh Holmes
slides + transcript

RDBMS in the social networks age – Lorenzo Alberton

AntiPHPatterns – Stefan Priebsch

Would you like docs with that? – Stefan Koopmanschap

Database optimisation – Remo Biagioni
not found 🙁

PHP 5.3 in practice (dependency injection and lambda/closures)- Fabien Potencier

Living with legacy code – Rowan Merewood

PHPillow & CouchDB & PHP – Kore Nordmann

‘In search of…’ – integrating site search systems – Ian Barber
not found 🙁

Regex-fu – Juliette Folmer

Best practices in web service design – Lorna Mitchell

Other talks:
Hidden features – from core to PECL – Johannes Schlüter
Cloud computing for PHP using the Windows Azure SDK – Rob Allen
Web and mobile application monetisation models – Chuck Hudson
PHP code audits – Damien Seguy
PHP on the D-BUS – Derick Rethans

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