Zend router with Zend Translate: default locale region issues (updated)

Let’s say we have a zend TMX translator

$routeTranslator = new Zend_Translate(

With this entry


Now, lt’s add the route with translated segment.

$route = new Zend_Controller_Router_Route(
     'controller' => 'archive',
     'action'     => 'index'

If the application locale is en_GB, the dispatch of the URL


will work only if (1) the xml:lang attribute of the tuv element is using the case xx_YY (2) the locale used for Zend_Translate constructor is using the case xx_YY.
If the locale is en_IE, the result will be route not found, as the route will be


Zend_Translate_Adapter_Tmx does not warn if the TMX file is not valid. In order to prevent that, add a check in the bootstrap (or create a resource) that warns if an expected translation is not found in a certain file.