GIT: discard local changes and commit after a merge/pull

git – How can I discard remote changes and mark a file as “resolved”? – Stack Overflow

git checkout has the –ours option to check out the version of the file that you had locally (as opposed to –theirs, which is the version that you pulled in). You can pass . to git checkout to tell it to check out everything in the tree. Then you need to mark the conflicts as resolved, which you can do with git add, and commit your work once done:


Just had a really interesting and exaustive discussion about MongoDB with Dereck at the PHP London meetup.

It seems like a candidate for the next db refactor of the activity stream I’m working on for

I didn’t know that many websites (fuorsquare, github, craiglist) were already using it

and interesting talk about unicode by richard Johnson, with a bit of history and some example of what happens when the the encoding is wrongly set. I was already aware of those problems and solutions, but good to see some other working example, history and clarifications.