How to modify PDF files, inserting text and image / signature

This post is not related to PHP nor software development, it’s just a a simple tip about speeding up a small everyday task I’ve been having:

Adding text and signature (image) to a PDF (definitely more practical then print + fill it in + sign + scan and send it back).

PDF-XChange Viewer (v 2.5 free, for windows) is a simpler alternative to PDF editing software, and is able to add images (including your scanned signature) and text into a PDF, and save the changes. If the link is broken or not available, or the app is not free anymore, maybe I still have a copy on my dropbox.

Steps to add a signature

  • (only the first time) Tools -> Comment and markup tools -> show Stamps Palette. Create new collection -> From Image
  • Tools -> Comment and markup tools -> Stamp Tool -> [select your signature]

Steps to add text

  •  Tools -> Comment and markup tool -> Typewriter tool

Last time I found a free sofware able to do that I then forgot the name and I was unable to find a valid one. Next time it happens I’ll search in my blog first 🙂