Command line tool for CRUD (Zend Framework scaffolding libraries)

I’ve created a command line tool for my scaffolding zend framework libraries.

Those libraries are basically abstract related classes (Controller, Form, DbTable, Filter and Order forms) that contains all the logic to make CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) forms for admin area. Thanks to those libraries, a complete CRUD logic requires only a few lines of codes. Everyting is completely customisable by extending featuers. See the page for demo, svn, other info

That tool reads automatically table structure and automatically creates controller with CRUD actions, forms, filters forms, order forms, templates.  Of course everyting is completely customizable (in zend framework style by using inheritance).


// create CRUD action to manage table categories.
// The classes named using "Categories" as prefix or suffix
php -f zfcrud.php create crud Categories -t categories -d mydb

see source file zfcrud.php