Eclipse hangs on SVN commit

I’m currently using Eclipse PDT at work (build 20100917-0705). I usually prefer Netbeans as more stable and with more or less the same features, but the application I’m working on contains a huge amount of classes and the eclipse quick search (open resource) is extremely useful to navigate and open files (currently better and faster than Netbeans file search).

The most annoying bug of Eclipse I’ve found happens when the IDE hangs when commiting with SVN. It needs to kill the process, restart, clean svn, reinsert SVN password and commit again (after having lost the SVN comment inserted), enjoyable isn’t it ?

After some googling (read here) it seems that the problem is due to a limit on the console output.

Untick the option Limit Console Output under Eclipse Preferences ->Team -> SVN -> Console and the problem should be solved.