Know your framework !

I agree with this article

you need to know your framework before saying that is fast or not. If you need to save some ms (if that helps, does it ?), profile and optimize. With some simple optimization (the one in the article + apc cache of conf files if you have them) you can easily dispath a ZF route in < 30 ms. Now, do you really need it to save more ms ? profile the whole system, probably your bottleneck are other things, inside and outside your server

PHP Framework Benchmarks: Entertaining But Ultimately Useless | Pádraic Brady

To create a positive benchmark, you need to understand that all frameworks were born as festering piles of unoptimised stinking crap. They were all born bad and get worse with age. This sounds quite sad, but actually it’s an inevitable compromise between performance and features. It’s also a compromise between performance and ease-of-use. So you see, performance is unfairly faced by two opponents: features and ease-of-use. All performance is sacrificed in the name of serving the needs of rapid development, flexibility, prototyping, and making your source code look prettier than the other guy’s. As if.