PHP 5.3

I’ve just read this pdf from I.A.’s blog about PHP 5.3 performances.
My comments:

What I really consider good is the performance increasing (5/10%) that include a smarter behaviour with require/inclusion, smaller binary size and better stack performance.

– Namespaces.
Late static binding. It was the only big lack of the PHP OO.
– Closures: useful to write a clearer code. I’ve tested their performances (*) and it seems there are no decreasing using them, that’s cool.
(*) array_map(function ($n){return($n * $n * $n);}, array(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)); #
– “goto”: its utility (especially in a OO language!) doesn’t make any sense to me. Very bad code readability with it.
– MySQLInd sounds interesting to have better performances with MySQL but I don’t think make sense to replace for so small performance increasing and maybe worse reliability. Client side query cache, written for PHP (not C/C++), performance statistics for bottle-neck analysis [read here]
– Hundreds of bug fixing and improvements, including Directory iterator and date functions => well done PHP community !