PHP UK 2009 conference – talk slides

I’ve just searched and found the slides of the online talks made at the PHP conference 2009 that I couldn’t attend.
For some of them, a few-line-summary.

The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades (keynote) by Aral Balkan
not found 🙁

Clouds on the horizon? Get ready for Drizzle by David Axmark
Drizzle, a light faster version of mysql: only UTF8, features as plugin, semplified protocol. BSD licence.

Flex and AIR for PHP programmers by Mihai Corlan
Flex is an open source framework to build flash application for developers, without using Authoring tools. It includes teh SDK, an IDE and compilers as well as a rich library.
Basically, the frameworks allows to to write flash applications using HTML+CSS language + embedded OOP scripts, much easier then action script.

Living with Frameworks by Stuart Herbert

Myphp-busters: symfony framework by Stefan Koopmanschap

Of Lambda Functions, Closures and Traits by Sebastian Bergmann

PHP on Windows – the undiscovered country by Hank Janssen

Security-Centered Design – exploring the impact of human behavior by Chris Shiflett

Sharding Architectures by David Soria Parra
Master / slave combination pros and cons, table spliting, mysql proxy with LUA

State Machines to State Of The Art: Smart, efficient design using ReST & MVC by Rowan Merewood

What’s new in PHP 5.3 by Scott MacVicar