PHP vs JAVA developers

JAVA developers sometimes tend to look down on other developers, including PHP developers. I think that is mainly due to ignorance of the current state of things and fear of seeing a competing technology growing so fast and being adopted more and more for a wide range of applications on the web.

Another explanation is in a book I’ve recently read “php|architect’s Guide to Enterprise PHP Development” (a book I suggest to developers that work on considerably big projects).

“You can safely say that while PHP is easy to learn, it is more difficult to truly master the language.
If we compare this to a language such as Java, we notice that Java has a ’natural barrier’; programming Java takes a certain amount of programming skill, so it is not a language that anyone can easily learn. This means that, even though the best PHP programmers can compete with the best Java programmers, the least skilled Java developer is probably still a better programmer than the least skilled PHP developer.
The range between high and low quality is simply bigger for PHP. This is one of the reasons why PHP sometimes has a negative image;  PHP is for hobbyists and not to be taken seriously. But this is not the case; it simply means that you need to be careful what software you use and who you hire as a developer”.

Well said Ivo Jansch