ministerJusticeUkComplete Deputy Report, Gov.uk application
Client: Ministry of Justice UK, Office of the Public Guardian, London, 2014 – present;
Developed “Complete Deputy Report”, a government online service used by deputies to collect finance information about clients and send a report to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG);
Technologies: PHP5, Symfony 2, Doctrine 2, PHPUnit, Behat, HTML/CSS, Javascript/JQuery, Jenkins, Git, Scrum.
Links: https://www.gov.uk/complete-deputy-report
Codebase: API and Client. Docker repository and code documentation are private.

lexisNexisUKLexis Process
Client: LexisNexis UK;
Developed Lexis Process,a project management tool for lawyer firms using Zend Framework 2, Doctrine 2, PHPUnitMysql and SQL Server, Twitter bootstrap, Vagrant, Javascript/JQuery (interface using enriched with AJAX loading), SCRUM methodology.
The tool is configurable to dynamically support different lawyers procedures, support users with different costs, connect to LexisNexis APIs to send/receive documents, track time, allow to change users’ rates and preview the total costs with Javascript. Unit tests on API and main components.
Links: Demo Video of the version (after 3 months of development). Beta version is privately sold to client so that not visible.


Client: Bauer Media group, London, 2013;
Behat functional tests suite and integrated Solr search functionalities to one of the company’s website;
Technologies: PHP5, Zend Framework, MySQL, PHPUnit, Behat, Solr, HTML/CSS, Javascript/JQuery, SCRUM;
Links: classiccarsforsale.co.uk.

Client: Markcomedia, London, 2009-10;
Internationalised in 4 languages, patched, improved, converted to Zend Framework, managed releases of the main company’s website, 200-500k daily unique visits;
Wrote a tool to parse affilate networks content and voucher codes in 4 languages;
Technologies: PHP5, Zend Framework, MySQL, PHPUnit, HTML/CSS, Javascript/JQuery;
Links: MyVouchercodes.co.uk.

Eurimaco, news aggregator engine
Client: T & C Universal, London, 2012-2013;
Engine to collect news from thousands of blogs, calculate the trending content (facebook, twitter API), transform and re-distribute content to various wordpress blogs, based on a set of rules (tag, language, trending score filter and twig templates).
Technologies: PHP5, Symfony 2, MySQL, Mongo Db, Doctrine 2, PHPUnit, WordPress API, Facebook API, Twitter API, Twig;
Links: n.a. (private project).

BravenetalentBravenew.com portal
Client: BraveNewBrave Talent, London, 2009-10;
Patched existing ZF1 platform prototype without disruptions; Contributed to the development of the new platform using Symfony 2,
Technologies: PHP5, Zend Framework, Symfony 2, MySQL, PHPUnit, Behat, HTML/CSS, Javascript/JQuery, Facebook and Linkedin API;
Links: n.a. (upgraded to a different platform).

Fanoinforma.it portal
Client: Global service in progress, Italy, 2006;
Custom online magazine wrote with a bespoke framework. Multi user backend used by 15-20 journalists to daily publish articles;
Technologies: PHP5, bespoke framework, MySQL, HTML/CSS, Javascript/JQuery;
Links: n.a. (upgraded to a different platform).

Jolie Language (Java Web service orchestration language) message typing;
Client: ItalianaSoftware, Italy, 2008;
Implemented a system for declaring and validate SOAP messages;
Technologies: JAVA;
Links: Official website, Git repository (contribution not available in history)

Tool to compare products features given the URLs.
Product features automatically updated with cache and cron job system. Smart Amazon API usage with multiple requests and single caching.
Technologies: PHP, Symfony 2, Amazon AWS hosting, Puppet;
Links: Feature Compare main website

Code samples and libraries