How to create DEB packages for ubuntu/debian

linuxTo create a DEB package, you just need to create a directory with the files, respecting the same structure starting from “/”, plus a couple of files with the configuration.

The command¬†dpkg –build will then create the DEB files that you can install with dpkg -i mysqldb2html.deb.

For detailed, instructions, read this article on

For an example of application of mine, just packaging a single script, click here

Linux bash: pipe output to an email address as attachment

on ubuntu 11.10

sudo apt-get install mailutils
sudo apt-get install sharutils
Install mailutils as a local server, it will send the mail as <whoami>@<hostname>

To send the manual of mysqldump to my kindle (amazon will convert and deliver for me, of cours add the sender to the allowed addresses here )

man mysqldump | uuencode attach.txt | mail -s “