Post to wordpress using Zend_XmlRpc Client

WordPress supports metaWeblob API standard to post data into the blog from an external service.

WordPress contains xmlrpc.php [source], that is basically a XML RPC server that can be called from a client that posts XML RPC messages.

See here the wordpress codex guide.

Sending XML message is a task very easy with zend framework xml rpc libraries. It automatically creates data types using a straightforward conversion, e.g: php array->xmlrpc array and php associative array->xmlrpc struct.

Here is an example to post data to a wordpress blog

require 'Zend/XmlRpc/Client.php';
$client = new Zend_XmlRpc_Client('');
$res = $client->call('metaWeblog.newPost',array(
        0, //blog_id, keep 0 for standard wordpress
        'xx', //username
        'yy', //pass
            //'post_type' => 'post', //not necessary, 'post' is default
            'title'=>'test xmlrpc',
            'description'=>'description of post',
            'mt_keywords'=>'key1, key2',
        true //publish

To see the detailed options, see the API documentation or see the xmlrpc.php source directly to better understand the data supported by wordpress (more than the standard metaBlog API data)