Using PHP Closures to get cached object with one call

Getting caching objects if a fairly frequent task when dealing with performative web applications.

Standard approach

if (cache object is valid)  {
return cached object
} else {
get fresh object (*)
save object into cache
return object

I don’t like that approach as there are a lots of LOC that wraps the only meaningful code (to get the fresh object).

Easier approach with PHP Closures (anonymous functions): one function call

$data= getWithCache(function(){
  //calculate $freshObject
  return $freshObject;
//use $data !!

Much easier, isn’t it ?

Implementation of the function (uses Zend_Cache)

/** Caches the return value of the passed function. 
 * Zend_registry 'cache' must be defined. By
 * @param Closure $f anonymous function called when cache is not valid
 * @param string $cacheID cache ID, reflection info are used if not specified
 * @return mixed cached Object
function getWithCache(Closure $f, $cacheID = null)
    $cache = Zend_Registry::get('cache');
    if ($cacheID === null) {
        $cacheID = md5(serialize(Reflection::export(new ReflectionFunction($f), true)));
    if ($cache->test($cacheID)) {
        return $cache->load($cacheID);
    } else {
        $ret = $f();
        $cache->save($ret, $cacheID);
        return $ret;


A concrete example

$posts = getWithCache(function(){
    $zsd = new Zend_Service_Delicious('elvis...', '...');
    return $zsd->getAllPosts();