Zend Framework Certification

zend frameworkSaturday I took the Zend Framework certification exam and I passed !

I’m quite proud of it, as I started working with zf not long ago and at the moment, according to zend yellow pages, there are only 10 developers in the UK holding both zend certifications.

Being able to use all the modules helps a lot in making architectural and development choices. In addition, it surely will help for future jobs, especially with some recruiters ( included the ones that think that Java and Javascript are the same :D).

What to study

Differently from the PHP certification exam, there are no sample tests on the website so I was not sure what kind of questions might have been asked. The online preparation study guide gives an idea, but it’s does not cover everything. There are a huge amount of things to remember:  class and method names, parameters and default values as well as all the different ways to do the same things.

A book you must read is Zend Framework in action (wrote for ZF 1.6) by Rob Allen (Follow his blog for updates and related dev notes).

My tips to pass the certification

Read all the reference (read v1.5), you can skip the arguments not included for the certification (see the website) like Gdata and Feed. Do not just read, browse the framework with your favourite IDE and try to understand all the logic and why some choices have been made. Work with all the components as much as you can. Read also the preparation guide as a refresher.

Framework version

One thing that developers do not like is the fact that the exam is about version 1.5. I don’t think that’s a problem. I work with version 1.10 and there are no big differences. What was was able to be achieved in version 1.5 is the same as the current version. Some modules and features have been added later (Application, Tool, Dojo..) but the central components and the way to work with ZF is exactly the same.

Good luck !