Zend tool not working after Netbeans 6.9 setup

Netbeans 6.9 modifies the  zend framework tool and adds an additional class in order to use it directly from the IDE.

The problem is that Netbeans changes the common INI file of the tool (.zf.ini placed inside the user folder). Without specifying additional parameters, the tool does not work anymore from the external command line.

My quick solution was temporarily moving the INI file, however it’s possible to specify additional parameters to use another config file.

the command

zf create project ...

returned the error

prompt>zf create project
Warning: include_once(NetBeansCommandsProvider.php): failed to open stream: 
No such file or directory in C:wampwwwZendFramework-1.10.6libraryZendLoader.php on line 146
PHP Warning:  include_once(): Failed opening 'NetBeansCommandsProvider.php' for inclusion )
 in :wampwwwZendFramework-1.10.6libraryZendLoader.php on line 146